Almeric Paget Clinic
2 Cambridge Gate, Regent's Park, NW1 4JX
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Physical medicine (out-patients only)

The Massage and Electrical Out-Patient Clinic in Portland Place, run by the Almeric Paget Massage Corps, ceased to be financed by Almeric Paget (later Lord Queenborough) (1861-1949) and closed in 1920.  However, at the request of the Ministry of Pensions, the Clinic was taken over by the British Red Cross.

The Almeric Paget Clinic opened in April 1920  in new premises at No. 2 Cambridge Gate, which had earlier been occupied by the Grand Duke Michael of Russia (he moved to No. 3).  While the other Red Cross Orthopaedic Clinics were run by Divisional Commanders, it was administered direct from the County office, as was the Broad Street Orthopaedic Clinic.

The Clinic closed in November 1920, although the tenants of the property remained listed as the Military Massage Association in 1921 (Grand Duke Michael of Russia by then had moved to No. 8, the former home of the Kitchener Club). 

 During the eight months the Clinic had been open, some 2,625 treatments had been given to discharged officers and 11,240 to other ranks.

Present status (February 2013)

The building has been divided into duplex apartments.

Cambridge Gate  Cambridge Gate
The doorway to No. 2 is on the right of each image.

Cambridge Gate
During WW1 Cambridge Gate also housed the Kitchener House Club at No. 8 and the Hospital for Nursing Sisters at No. 9.
(Author unstated) 1925 The British Red Cross Society. County of London Branch Annual Reports 1914-1924. London, Harrison & Sons.
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