Greenwich and Woolwich
Orthopaedic and Tropical Clinic
 28 Nightingale Place, Woolwich, SE18 4GH
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1920 - 1924

Physical medicine (out-patients only)

In November 1920 the Greenwich and Woolwich Orthopaedic Clinic based at Oakhurst, Erith, closed and patients were referred to the newly established Clinic in Nightingale Place, Woolwich, which had opened the same month.

On 1st December 1920 a Tropical Clinic opened.

In its first year of operation, some 8 treatments  were given to discharged officers and 2,300 to other ranks.

The Tropical branch closed in November 1922 as it was no longer required by the Ministry of Pensions.

The Orthopaedic Clinic closed in November 1924.

Present status (November 2011)

The building has been demolished and a municipal housing block occupies its site.

Nightingale Place
The site of the former Clinic.

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