Holly Court
Open Air School
 Merton Lane, Highgate, N6 6NG
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1927 - 1939

Open Air School

As part of a late expansion plan, the LCC opened a new open air school for delicate children, near the top of Highgate West Hill, close to the edge of Hampstead Heath.

Holly Court Open Air School occupied part of the grounds of Holly Court, a mansion to the north of Merton Lane, which was also used as the School's main building.  Some 9 classroom pavilions were provided in the western garden. The dining/rest pavilion and one of the classrooms were built within the wooded part of the garden.

The 260 pupils were given breakfast, dinner and tea.  The LCC paid for the food and also their fares to school every day, while parents contributed according to their means.  The children were given a hot bath each week, with attendants in charge.  During the early afternoon they had a 2-hour sleep period.

Like many of these schools, Holly Court closed down at the outbreak of WW2 in 1939 and did not reopen.

Present status (February 2013)

After the war the premises became Holly Court School for special needs children.  The School closed in August 1990.

The site was eventually redeveloped and is now a gated housing close - Haversham Place.

Haversham Place  Haversham Place
The gated entrance drive of Haversham Place (left).  The school pavilions were located to the west of the present entrance drive (right).

Merton Lane
Holly Court was to the northwest of its lodge, which survives today as Holly Court Lodge.

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