Poplar Orthopaedic Clinic
 126 Brunswick Road, Poplar, E14 9NZ
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1919 - 1923

Physical medicine (out-patients only)

In July 1919 the Poplar Division was asked by the County Director of the London Branch of the British Red Cross Society to establish an Orthopaedic Out-Patients Clinic for discharged and disabled soldiers.

A small disused public library in Brunswick Road was rented from the Poplar Borough Council.  The premises were in very bad condition, but the Council repaired them and the Clinic was ready for occupation at the beginning of October.  All the tables, chairs and office furniture were lent by the Council.

The Poplar Orthopaedic Clinic opened in October 1919.  A surgeon from the Special Surgical Hospital at Shepherds Bush, to which the Clinic was attached, attended one evening a week.  By the end of 1919 some 902 discharged servicemen had received treatment.

During 1920 some 118 ex-officers and 15,150 ex-servicemen were treated.  In 1921 two more treatment rooms were added.

The Clinic closed in 1923.

Present status (July 2011)

Brunswick Road had been completely redeveloped and has become a section of Blackwall Way.

Part of the Aurora Building, an apartment block, occupies the site of the Clinic.

Brunswick Road  Brunswick Road
The Aurora Building on the corner of Yabsley Street and Blackwall Way.  
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