South Croydon Relief Hospital
254 Brighton Road, Croydon CR2 6AH
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1914 - 1918

Convalescent (military)
The South Croydon Relief Hospital (also known as the Brighton Road Hospital) opened in September 1914 in the premises of the South Croydon Convalescent Home for Children on the Brighton Road.  It had been organised in August 1914 by Dr W.T. Dempster, the medical officer of the children's home, who had furnished it with the help of friends.

The Hospital had 20 beds and was designated as Class B.  By the end of March 1915 it had 22 beds, which were all occupied.  On 22nd November 1915 it was affiliated to the Horton War Hospital.  It was run by Dr Dempster and provided general treatment and massage for wounded servicemen.

The Hospital closed on 20th December 1918.

Present status (September 2013)

The premises did not revert back to their original role as a children's convalescent home.  The building was taken over by the Croydon Poor Law Union and became its Relief Station No. 6, where parish relief could be collected.

It remained in use until the beginning of WW2 in 1939.  On 19th July 1944 a V1 rocket exploded in Brighton Road, opposite the Windsor Castle public house, some 100 yards  away, but miraculously the former convalescent home suffered only minor damage.

The street has been renumbered and the premises are now the South Croydon Business Centre in Progress House at 404 Brighton Road.
 404 Brighton Road

South Croydon Business Centre (above and below).

404 Brighton Road

404 Brighton Road
The building bears a stone plaque with the inscription "South Croydon Convalescent Home for Children 1890".
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Personal communication:  Mr Brian Roote, Croydon, to whom grateful acknowledgement is given for supplying much of the history of this building.

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