St Faith's Hospital
London Road, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4QP
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1930 - 1985

Epilepsy, mental
Originally the Hospital building had been an agricultural and industrial school, opened in 1854 for 300 workhouse children from St Leonard's parish in Shoreditch.  The main central building was three storeys high with a long narrow wing on either side.  The dining hall and kitchens were in a wing at the rear of the central building, with various utility buildings also at the rear of the site.

The newly formed Brentwood School District took over the school from the Shoreditch Union in 1877.  In 1879 three additional blocks were built on the southeast side of the site.  

In 1885 the Brentwood School District was dissolved and the school was taken over by the Hackney Union, who built further additions at the north end of the site.  It was then known as the Hackney Branch Institution.

In 1916 the Metropolitan Asylums Board took over the building and it became the Brentwood Epileptic Colony for women.

In 1935 it was taken over by Essex County Council and was renamed St Faith's Hospital.  The  two-storey blocks built in 1879 were known as Edward Home and Victoria Home, and the single-storey one as Alexandra Home.

By 1960 there were 332 beds, 303 of which were for epileptic patients, 15 for acute and 14 for geriatric patients.  Plans were made for the Hospital to be redeveloped into a regional epileptic centre, and patients from St David's Hospital in Edmonton were transferred there following the latter's closure in 1971.

By 1979 it had 293 beds for chronically ill geriatric and epileptic patients.

It closed in 1985 and the residents were moved to The Hedgerows, five bungalows built in the mid 1980s to provide accommodation for the long-term residents of St Faith's.

Present status (May 2008)

The buildings were demolished in 1998.  The site has now been completely redeveloped  for British Telecom offices in a 'BT Workstyle 2000 building'.

The 16 hectare St Faith's Country Park, opened in 1999, was formed partly from land belonging to the Hospital.
BT offices
The BT offices which have replaced the Hospital buildings

BT offices
Entrance drive to the BT complex

The BT offices surrounded by greenery
St Faith seems to be a corruption of St Vedast (c.453-540), also known as St Vaast, who was the first bishop of Arras, France. He was venerated throughout Belgium and, from the 10th century, in  England, where he was known as St Foster.
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