St Raphael's Home
32 Orchard Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 2PS
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1961 - ? 1984


The Management Committee of the Catholic Nursing Institute had wanted to build a seaside home for its elderly female patients, but had been unable to find a suitable site.  It was decided instead to extend the Institute's Bromley premises, as 7 elderly and infirm patients were already accommodated there.

The plan was to build a chapel and a chaplain's residence (at a cost of £10,000), a Home for 12 novices of the order of Our Lady of Consolation (at a cost of £15,700), and to convert the house into a home for 10 elderly patients and a Nurses' Home for 12 Sisters of the order.

Building work began in October 1960 and, for their peace of mind, the resident patients were transferred back to the Institute in Lambeth Road.

Unfortunately, little more is known about St Raphael's Home after this period until the present time.  If you can provide further information, please contact the webmaster.

Present status (January 2011)

The Home has been much extended and now has 58 beds.  It is managed by the Southern Cross Healthcare Group, which was established in 1996.  

Although the Home's philosophy of care is based on Christian principles, it provides care for people of any or of no faith.

St Raphael's Home
The original St Raphael's Home, converted in the 1960s.

St Raphael's Home

Wings have been added to the west of the original building and the Home is now quite extensive (above and below).

St Raphael's Home

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