Twickenham Isolation Hospital
Collingwood Close, Whitton, Middlesex TW2
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1909 - 1938

Infectious diseases

In 1906 work began on a new isolation hospital for Twickenham.  Built in Collingwood Close, Whitton, it opened in 1909.  The small isolation hospital at the Mereway, which had opened in 1883, continued in use as well, but Cross Deep House, which had been used for infectious disease patients from 1901, closed.

In April 1935 control of the Hospital was taken over by the South Middlesex and Richmond Joint Hospital Board, which also assumed control of the Isolation Hospitals at Mogden and Hampton.  Following a reorganisation in September, all acute cases were sent to Mogden Isolation Hospital.  The Twickenham Isolation Hospital was then used only for patients with enteric fever, scarlet fever or some rare infection.

The Hospital closed in 1938 when the Mogden Isolation Hospital was substantially extended.

Present status (May 2009)

The Hospital has long been demolished and no trace of it remains.  The only clue to its existence is the railway bridge on Hospital Bridge Road, a few hundred feet away.
Collingwood Close   Railway bridge
The southern entrance to Collingwood Close (left); the Hospital was at the southeast.  The railway bridge of Hospital Bridge Road to the southeast of the Hospital site (right).
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