Upton House
Open Air School
 Upton House, Urswick Road, Homerton, E9 6EA
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1928 - 1939

Open Air School

Upton House had originally opened in 1878 (opposite the historic Sutton House) as an industrial school for truant boys.  It was taken over by the LCC in 1904.

Rebuilt and enlarged over the years, by 1909 it accommodated 150 boys.  By 1913, however, the truant element had been eliminated and it became a more conventional industrial school until its closure in 1926.

In 1928 the premises reopened as Upton House Central School, a boys' secondary school for 361 pupils.  In addition, in a further wave of expansion of open air school provision, the LCC set up a school for 130 delicate children in the grounds.

Upton House Open Air School presumably closed in 1939, like so many others, on the outbreak of WW2.

While the Upton House Central School continued in operation after the war, the Open Air School did not.

Present status (February 2013)

After various mergers and reorganisations, the Upton House Central School was incorporated into Homerton House School.  This, in its turn, has now gone, and the site of Upton House is part of the City Academy, Hackney, which opened in 2009.

City Academy Hackney  City Academy Hackney
The City Academy, Hackney, from the west (left) and the southwest (right).

City Academy Hackney
The site of the Open Air School was at the northwest corner.

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