Wandsworth Orthopaedic Clinic
41 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, SW15 2RF
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1920 - 1922

Physical medicine (out-patients only)

The Wandsworth Orthopaedic Clinic opened in June 1920.  It was housed in a hut in the grounds of premises used by the local War Pensions Committee.

During its first year of operational life, some 6,815 treatments were given (6,813 to discharged other ranks and 2 to an officer).

It closed on 31st August 1922 because of the low patient numbers.  It was not considered worthwhile to set up a clinic elsewhere.

Since it had opened, some 25,764 treatments had been given.

Present status (October 2011)

The property has been converted into apartments.

41 Upper Richmond Road
No. 41, Upper Richmond Road.
(Author unstated) 1925 The British Red Cross Society. County of London Branch Annual Reports 1914-1924. London, Harrison & Sons.
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