Woodmansterne Road
Open Air School
Stockport Road, Streatham Vale, SW16 5XE
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1930s - 1950s ?

Open Air School
Soon after its opening in the early 1930s, part of the grounds of Woodmansterne Road School was employed to house a special school on open air principles.

The Open Air School was intended to provide a healthy environment for delicate children, especially those with bronchitis, from poorer neighbourhoods.

Woodmansterne Road School was located in a large open space nestled behind the houses of Woodmansterne Road, while the huts of the Open Air School were just inside the school entrance off Stockport Road, set in a corner of the extensive playing fields.  Although the Schools shared the same site, the open air pupils were kept segregated from those attending the main school.

During WW2 the Schools closed and the children were evacuated to Carmarthenshire in Wales.

Former pupils of Woodmansterne Road School report that the Open Air School continued to function after WW2, but presumably not for long.  Improving treatments and changing public health conditions reduced demand progressively as children's health improved.

The original huts appear to have gone during the 1950s.

Present status (July 2013)

The reputed site of the open air facilities, just inside the Stockport Road entrance to what is now Woodmansterne Primary School, is now occupied by a modern Children's Centre.

Woodmansterne Primary School

The entrance to Woodmansterne Primary School on Woodmansterne Road (above and below).

Woodmansterne Primary School

Woodmansterne Primary School
The entrance to the School on Stockport Road.

Woodmansterne Primary School

The Children's Centre on Stockport Road (above and below) occupies the site of the Open Air School.

Woodmansterne Primary School

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