Auxiliary Home Hospital
40 Weymouth Street, Marylebone, W1G 6NN
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1914 - 1919


In November 1914, at the outbreak of WW1, Mr  Herbert T. Herring, a surgeon, and his wife established a home hospital at 40, Weymouth Street.  It had 10 beds.

It became a recognised auxiliary military hospital in March 1915, linked to the 2nd London General Hospital.

From its modest beginnings, by the end of the war it had a total of 55 beds.  Mr and Mrs Herring had continued to bear the burden of running the Hospital.  Some 7,396 soldiers had been provided with free accommodation.  Of these, about 4,300 had been referred from the 2nd London General Hospital and the remainder had been soldiers on leave, including some from the Australian Command, needing a place to stay.

Present status (July 2010)

The building now appears to be an apartment block.

40 Weymouth Street

  40 Weymouth Street  front door
40 Weymouth Street on the corner of Beaumont and Weymouth Streets.
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