Beech House Military Hospital
16 and 18 The Avenue, Brondesbury, NW6
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1915 - 1919

Convalescent (military)

On 12th March 1915 No. 16 The Avenue opened as a Class A auxiliary military hospital to the First London (T.F.) General Hospital.  It had 50 beds.

 At a later date No. 18 also became part of the Hospital and it then had 81 beds for enlisted servicemen.  The staff consisted of 5 trained nurses and 5 full-time and 32 part-time members of the local Voluntary Aid Detachment.

Patients were encouraged to garden and would also hold cricket matches against the nearby Brondesbury Park Military Hospital.

The Hospital closed on 31st May 1919.

Of the 1,560 patients were admitted during the operational lifetime of the Hospital, only 1 died.

Present status (March 2011)

Both houses still exist and are once again private residences.

Beech House
Beech House, 16 The Avenue.

Beech House
No. 18, The Avenue.
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