Bramley House
Clay Hill, Enfield, Middlesex EN2 9AR
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1913 - 1977

Mental handicap

Bramley House, a large house previously known as Great Pipers, had been used as a private mental home since 1913.  

In 1930 it came under the control of the Middlesex County Council, who used it as accommodation for high-grade mentally handicapped female adults.  Bramley House had the distinction of being the only mental institution belonging to the County Council which was actually located in Middlesex (the others were in Hertfordshire and Surrey).

In 1948 it joined the NHS under the control of the North-East Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board.  It became a branch of the South Ockendon Institution for Mental Defectives, under the control of the South Ockendon Hospital Management Committee.  The group contained the South Ockendon Hospital, Great West Hatch, Little West Hatch, Leytonstone House, Duvals, Little Warley Lodge, Ramsey Lodge in Dovercourt (Harwich) and New Lodge in Billericay.

In 1971 it had 70 beds and, in 1976, 53 beds.

It closed in 1977.

Present status (November 2008)

The building, which opened in 1982, is now Bramley House Court, providing sheltered accommodation for 30 people. 

  Bramley House  Bramley House
The main building, now Bramley House Court (left) and the main entrance in the central block (right).

date plaque
The date plaque on the main building stated '1881'.

Bramley house  thing on roof
A curiosity on the roof of the main building.

  Bramley house  Bramley House
'The Cottages' are by the main entrance and a two-storey extension of the main building is visible opposite it (left).  The back of 'The Cottages', as seen from Clay Hill (right).

Bramley house
'The Cottages' may once have been the lodge building for the hospital.

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