Brook House
128 Green Lane, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 2TE
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1949 - 1984

Mental handicap
In 1948 the Ministry of Health purchased Brook House from Surrey County Council.  The building was converted into a hostel for high-grade mentally handicapped patients from Botleys Park Hospital.

The hostel opened in 1949 and had 20 beds.

In 1955 several residents were employed in outside work - 9 in domestic service and 4 in the Alexandra Laundry - while 3 worked on domestic duties within the hostel.  In addition, 9 patients from Botleys Park Hospital were employed on domestic duties or in the laundry.  An Assistant Matron and a part-time Ward Sister provided care and management.

All patients had parole and were allowed to go out shopping.  The hostel had a TV and other amusements included weekly dances and cinema sessions at Botleys Park Hospital.

In 1957 the building was redecorated externally and a new front gate fitted.  The gardens were kept in good order.

In 1958 the weekly cost of a resident was £4 8s 0d (£4.40), compared with £4 14s 9d (£4.72) in 1957.  In 1961 it was £4 12s 6d (£4.62).

However, a new policy was introduced to encourage mentally handicapped patients to live more independently in smaller units or in their own homes.  The hostel was gradually vacated and it closed in 1984.

Present status (May 2012)

The building is now divided into two residences.

Brook House

Brook House (above and below).

Brook House
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