Bulstrode Park Hospital
Bulstrode, Oxford Road, Gerrards Cross, Bucks SL9 8SZ
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1914 - 1915

Convalescent (military)
The Bulstrode Park Hospital opened in 1914 in Bulstrode, a large mansion lent by Sir John and Lady Ramsden.  It had 52 beds.  

The nursing staff consisted of a Matron, 2 to 3 Sisters and 2 to 3 Red Cross orderlies.  Although the Hospital had no resident medical officer, two local General Practitioners gave their services free of charge.

The first patients arrived on 11th November 1914, transferred from the Third Southern General Hospital in Oxford.

The Hospital received a daily capitation grant from the War Office of 2 shillings (10p) per occupied bed - which was subsequently raised to 3 shillings 1 penny (c. 15p) in 1915.

In February 1915 the Hospital became affiliated to the Second London General Hospital.

It closed on 1st December 1915.  During its operational lifetime, some 266 patients had received treatment.

Present status (June 2011)

The land of the  Bulstrode estate and its out-buildings were sold in 1932, but Bulstrode remained unoccupied until WW2, when it became the Royal Air Force College in 1942.  The College moved to Bracknell in 1945, but Bulstrode continued as a branch until 1948.

The building is now the Headquarters of WEC International (Worldwide Evangelization Crusade International), a Christian missionary organisation.
Bulstrode Park  Bulstrode Park
The driveway leading to the house (left) and current signage (right).

Bulstrode Park
Bulstrode is a Grade II listed building.
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