Bushey & District Hospital

Windmill Lane, Bushey, Herts WD2 1NA

Medical dates:

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1898 - 1990

Acute, general.  Later, geriatric

The Bushey Heath Cottage Hospital opened in 1898.  It replaced Caldecote House Convalescent Home which had become inadequate for the growing needs of the increasing population.  The erection of the purpose-built Hospital with 20 beds was financed by Miss Collins-Splatt.  It had two wards - one for men and one for women and children.  A wide range of medical and surgical care was provided, but patients suffering from infectious diseases, mental disorders or advanced lung conditions were not admitted.  Dental surgery was also provided.  

The Hon. Secretary was W.S. Gilbert , the lyricist partner of Savoy Operas fame, who lived in nearby Grims Dyke.

In 1926 electricity was installed at the cost of £400 and, in the same year, the Hospital acquired a wireless (radio).

In 1935 the word 'Cottage' was dropped from its title.  In 1936 Mrs Nimmo of Sparrows Herne Hall laid the foundation stone for a new extension - Ward 3 - containing 14 beds, private wards, an X-ray Department and a new entrance hall.  The new building opened in the same year.  A Nurses' Home opened in 1937.

In 1948 the Hospital joined the NHS and immediately was involved in a battle with the Peace Memorial Hospital in Watford to keep its 'general' status.  The battle was won in 1950 when the Bushey & District Hospital, with 38 beds, was recognized as a general hospital.  However, the pressure to transfer services either to Watford or Edgware General Hospital did not go away.

During the 1970s and 1980s numerous changes of policy by the local Health Authority resulted in closure of the operating theatre, the Out-Patients Department and the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Departments, despite local protest.  The Hospital, with 26 beds, became a Care Centre for geriatric patients who required continuing, respite or terminal care.

In 1987 a new facility - a Day Unit with 15 places opened.  The Health Authority proposed to develop four Community Care Centres, one of which was to be at Bushey & District Hospital, and allocated £2,886,000 to the project. In 1990 the Hospital closed and the buildings demolished.

Present status (May 2008)

The site has been redeveloped around Everett Close and now contains the Schopwick Surgery and Windmill House Rehabilitation Unit.

Windmill House

Windmill House as seen from Windmill Lane.

Schopwick Surgery

The Schopwick Surgery with its clerestory roof.

entrance to Windmill House

The entrance to Windmill House.

Titian Avenue

The view from Titian Avenue.


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