Charlwood Cottage Hospital
Stan Hill, Chorlwood, Nr Horley, Surrey RH6 0EP
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1873 - 1902

The Charlwood Hospital opened on 1st January 1873, located a quarter of a mile from the village on a hill that faced south.  The land had been provided by Mr H.C. Wise and the building paid for by the Rector of Charlwood,  Mr. Thomas Burningham.

The purpose-built Hospital had a male and female ward, each with 2 beds.  It treated patients with acute illnesses from Charlwood, Horley and the surrounding neighbourhood.  Accident cases were also accepted, but those with infectious diseases or chronic illness were excluded, as were later the mentally ill and maternity cases.

Patients paid for their care one week in advance, unless they were too poor, in which case their treatment was free.  They were allowed to stay for a maximum of eight weeks unless the Medical Officer decided otherwise.

The Hospital closed in 1902, when it moved to larger premises in Horley, and became the Horley and District Cottage Hospital.

Present status (November 2011)

After the Hospital moved to Horley the building became a private dwelling.

Today it is Trumbles, a small hotel and restaurant.

Trumbles - the southeast corner on Stan Hill (above)  and the western elevation (below).  The foundation stone for the Hospital is inside the closed-in verandah on the western side.

Shelley J, Lucas J and Brown AGT 2002 Charlwood and Horley Cottage Hospital 1873-1983.  Self-published.

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