Cheyne Hospital

Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, SW3

Medical dates:

Medical character:

1875 - 1993

Long term care

Founded in 1875 as the Cheyne Hospital for Sick and  Incurable Children, it cared for children suffering from chronic or incurable spinal or hip conditions.  Beginning in 46 Cheyne Walk, it had expanded into No. 47 by the following year.  Later, Nos. 59-61 were also acquired but, in 1888, demolished so that a new hospital could be built on the site.

By 1922 it had become known as the Cheyne Hospital for Children.

In 1925 the roof of the building was altered to make a roof terrace for the treatment of rickets,  By 1931 the Hospital had 31 beds.

During WW2 it was evacuated to Kent, and it was eventually decided it should stay there.  In 1947 it joined the Children's Hospital for the Treatment of Hip Diseases in Sevenoaks.

In 1944 a day nursery had opened in the Cheyne Walk premises and this continued, being joined in 1955 by a charitable concern, the Cheyne Centre for Spastic Children, offering treatment and research into cerebral palsy.  The Centre remained at Cheyne Walk until 1993, when it moved to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Present status (April 2008)

The building was sold in 1996 and became residential accommodation.  The facade however remains relatively unchanged.

Hospital building

The front elevation of Nos. 60-61 in Cheyne Walk.

Hospital building

The front entrance.

Lawrence Street

The Lawrence Street side of the building.

previous building

The previous site of the Hospital at Nos. 46-47 Cheyne Walk.

previous building

Look back from Nos. 46-47 (the original site of the Hospital)  towards Nos. 59-61 (the final site).




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