Clarence House
Convalescent Hospital
 Priory Lane, Roehampton SW15
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1916 -1919

Convalescent (military)
Although acquired on 11th September 1916 for use as an auxiliary hospital, Clarence House did not open until 13th October of that year due to some bureaucratic confusion.

Clarence House Convalescent Hospital was affiliated with the King's Canadian Red Cross Convalescent Hospital at Bushy Park.  Initially it had 50 beds, which were later increased to 75.  The Hospital was used mainly to accommodate amputee cases.  The 11 members of staff came mainly from Ottawa.

The Hospital received a grant from the Canadian government of C$30 a day for each patient.  However, this proved to be inadequate for the running of the institution and some C$20,000 was raised by subscription, mainly in Ottawa, to enable it to continue its work.

The Hospital closed early in 1919.

Present status (September 2012)

The House was demolished in 1934.  Its site is now a densely wooded part of the grounds of the Lawn Tennis Association's National Tennis Centre.

To the south, at the corner of Bank Lane, a small house is labelled Clarence Farm; it would have been part of the estate outbuildings.

The current gates to the National Tennis Centre are roughly where the original drive would have been.  The House would have been a short distance away to the west.

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The mature trees may be from the original grounds of the estate.

Clarence Farm, one of the surviving outbuildings.
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