Devon Nook
Auxiliary Military Hospital
 Dukes Avenue, Chiswick, W4 4QR
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1914 - 1918

Convalescent (military)

In December 1914 the Devon Nook Nursing Home, run by Miss Grace Charlotte Berenice Lloyd, became an auxiliary military hospital for the Eastern Command.

The Devon Nook Auxiliary Military Hospital (also known as Miss Grace Lloyd's Hospital) had 25 beds, which were all occupied by 16th January 1915.  The house, which had been built for the architect George Ashdown  Audsley, was also known as Ivy Cottage (or Villa).  It had a large music room - 40 by 20 ft (12 by 6 metres) and a 15 ft (4.6 metres) high ceiling, which was probably used as a ward.

Miss Lloyd acted as Matron, as well as Commandant of the local Voluntary Aid Detachment, which ran the Hospital.

No further details have (as yet) come to light.

If you have any information regarding the history of the Devon Nook Auxiliary Military Hospital, please contact:


Present status (December 2010)

The building was demolished in the 1960s.  Its site is now occupied by Barrowgate House, an apartment block.

Barrowgate House
Barrowgate House, on the corner of Dukes Avenue and Barrowgate Road.

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