Eagle House
224 London Road, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 3HD
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1933 - 1965

Mental handicap (females)
In 1870 the Guardians of  Holborn Union purchased the large Industrial School built in the grounds of Eagle House in 1856.  Despite the change of ownership, the School continued in use as an orphan school for the Southwark Union.

Eagle House itself, built around 1705, was used as accommodation for 50 boys, aged from 7 to 9 years, who were monitored by 6 older boys.  It was also used as the School's infirmary.

In 1924 the building became a convalescent home for the Holborn Union, which was responsible for the nearby workhouse in Mitcham, which housed over 1,000 paupers.

In 1933 Eagle House was purchased by the Surrey County Council for use as a home and school for high-grade mentally handicapped girls.

The Home closed in 1965, when responsibility for the property passed to the newly formed London Borough of Merton.

Present status (November 2009)

In 1970 plans were made to restore the building and convert it into an adult education centre.  Work began in 1975, but proved too costly.  In 1987 the property was sold to Sheridan Estates for use as office accommodation.  Another office building was built at the rear, in the style of an 18th century stable block.

In 2004 the Grade I listed building underwent further refurbishment.  It is now  Eagle House School, an independent primary school with 65 places for autistic children.

Eagle House
Eagle House was built in the early 18th century in the Queen Anne style.

Eagle House
The ornate wrought iron gates bear the initials of Sir James Doliffe, a London merchant and a founding director of the South Sea Company, who rented the building in 1711.  On each side of the gateway railings are mounted on dwarf brick walls.

Eagle House
The brick piers at the end of the railings are crowned with cornices.  Each is surmounted by a stone eagle (just seen) holding a rabbit in its talons.

Eagle House
A metal plaque commemorates the building of the house for Dr Fernando Moses Mendes (Mendez) (1647-1724), a Portuguese Jew who became physician to Catherine of Braganza, wife of King Charles II.

Eagle House
The house from the south.
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