Earlsmead Home of Recovery
Hornsey Lane, Highgate, N6
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1918 - 1919


In 1918 Mr E.G. Harrop loaned the use of his home, Earlsmead, to the Great Northern Central Hospital for use as a convalescent home, free of charge, for the duration of the war.

The Earlsmead Home of Recovery was officially opened in April 1918 by the Greek millionairess, Lady Crosfield (1892-1963), in the presence of the Deputy Chairman of the Hospital, the Mayor of Hornsey, Mr H.J. Tennant, M.P. and many others.  Prayers were offered by the Rt Revd the Lord Bishop of Willesden, and a musical entertainment was performed by the Women's Theatre.

The Home had 25 beds and accommodated civilian patients who were suffering from severe illnesses or who had undergone surgery.  The wards were tastefully furnished.  The one on the ground floor had previously been the drawing room and opened out into a beautifully stocked conservatory.  The top floors of the house provided accommodation for the nursing and domestic staff.

Guests at the opening ceremony were invited to inspect the premises and to wander through the house and gardens.  A marquee had been erected on the lawn, where a rationed tea, at the cost of 6d (2.5p) a head, was to be provided by the Executive Committee of the Ladies' Association.  However, in view of the uncertain state of the weather, the function was held in the large ward on the ground floor, which was still empty.

The house was situated on high ground and an extensive viewwas available from the garden.  The slopes were laid out as terraces, with arbours and seats placed in shady spots.  The grounds also contained a rock garden and a miniature fishing pool with a rustic bridge.

When WW1 ended in November 1918 the house reverted to Mr Harrop and the Home of Recovery moved to Summerlee in Fortis Green Road in 1919.

Present status (October 2009)

A gated development, Oldfield Mews, now occupies the site of the house.

Hornsey Lane  Oldfield Mews
The site from the east along Hornsey Lane (left) and from the west (right).

Oldfield Mews  Oldfield Mews
Oldfield Mews, with Northwood Hall looming in the background (left).  Looking into Oldfield Mews (right).
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