Edmonton Isolation Hospital
Claverings, Picketts Lock Lane, Edmonton, N9
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1902 - 1927

Isolation (smallpox)
At the beginning of the 20th century, during the smallpox epidemic of 1901-1902, Edmonton Urban District Council built a temporary isolation hospital at Claverings farm off Picketts Lock Lane, near the sewage works.  The patients came mainly from the Hyde Lane area.

After the epidemic the Hospital was closed, but the wooden huts were kept in case they were needed again, but fortunately the 1901-1902 smallpox epidemic proved to the last major outbreak of the disease in London.

Present status (February 2011)

 In 1927 the Hospital buildings were destroyed by fire.  They were not replaced.

In 1949 the 6.5 acre site became an industrial estate for small-scale industry, such as clothing and furniture manufacturing and precision engineering. 

The site of the Hospital from the north (above) and from the south (below) along Picketts Lock Lane.


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