Egham Hospital
98 St Jude's Road, Englefield Green, Surrey TW20 0DF
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1880 - 1985

General.  Later, G.P.
The Egham Cottage Hospital opened in 1880. A local merchant, Mr Benjamin Warwick, had provided the funds to found the Hospital in memory of one of his five daughters who had died in childbirth.

The Hospital had 16 beds and was managed by a Committee of 17 local residents and was supported by subscriptions, voluntary donations and fund-raising events.  The nursing staff initially consisted of a Matron and a nurse.

In 1888 the outside of the Hospital was repainted at a cost of £16 10s 0d (£16.50).  In the following year the interior of the building was redecorated for £53 9s 6d (£53.46).

The adult wards had been built quite separate from the children's ward but, in 1890, the Committee agreed that a passage should be created to connect the two - at a cost of £160.

In 1895 it was agreed to install incandescent gas lighting in the wards and sitting room, and gas fires in the bedrooms of Matron and the nurse.

In 1903 King Edward VII presented 10 brace of pheasants to the staff and patients of the Hospital.  Princess Christian, who lived at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park, took an interest in the Hospital and was Patron of the Fund-Raising Committee.  One of the Hospital's wards was name after her.

By 1908 the earth closets had become problematic and were replaced by water closets, at a cost of £27.

During the 1920s further improvements were made to the Hospital, including the installation of a proper operating theatre on the first floor.  A large window was inserted into the wall and part of the roof to increase light into the theatre.  (Previously operations had been carried out on an iron table.  At £9 this had been cheaper than a deal table, which would have cost £13 10s 0d (£13.50).  The Committee took the cheaper option.

At the outbreak of war in 1939 the Hospital joined the Emergency Medical Service.

In 1948 the Hospital joined the NHS with 18 beds under the control of the Woking and Chertsey Hospital Management Committee, part of the South West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board.

In 1959 the organisation 'Friends of Egham Hospital' was established to raise funds for amenities that the NHS was unable to afford.  Televisions, newspapers, an ambulift and armchairs were supplied for the patients and professional journals for the staff.

In 1974, following a major reorganisation of the NHS, the Hospital came under the auspices of the  Surrey Area Health Authority, part of the South West Thames Regional Health Authority.  It had 20 beds.

In 1980 a lift was installed, funded by the Friends of Egham Hospital, to enable wheelchair patients on the first floor to reach the ground floor Physiotherapy Department.  

By this time the nursing staff consisted of a Nursing Officer (Matron), 2 Sisters, 6 Staff Nurses, 1 State Enrolled Nurse and 11 nursing auxiliaries.  Other staff included 2 physiotherapists, 2 members of the Catering Department and 7 domestic staff.

In 1982, following another major reorganisation of the NHS, it came under the control of the North West Surrey District Health Authority.  It became a GP unit with 19 beds.

The Hospital closed in 1985, and was replaced by Queen Elizabeth House in 1989 as a Day Centre and rehabilitation facility with 12 beds for the elderly.

Present status (June 2011)

The building was passed to Runnymede Borough Council, which used it for emergency housing.  It was renamed St Judes Cottage.

UPDATE:  February 2016

In 2012 the Council sold the building for conversion into apartments.

St Jude's Cottages
The former Hospital on the corner of St Jude's Road and Bond Street has been refurbished.  The large window of the operating theatre on the Bond Street elevation has gone, along with the apostrophe in St Judes Cottage.

St Jude's Cottages
The building is rather pretty, with decorative tiled wall cladding on the upper level.

St Jude's Cottages
The main entrance.

Englefield Green Medical Centre
The back of the Hospital with its multiple pitched roofs is shown here with the adjacent single-storey Englefield Green Health Centre on Bond Street in the foreground.

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