Elmbank House
Barnet Road, Arkley, Barnet, Herts EN5 3HD
Medical dates:

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1949 - 2004


In 1948 the newly formed Barnet Group Hospital Management Committee acquired a large house, Elm Bank, for use as a home for elderly long-stay patients.  It was the first of its kind to be provided by the NHS in the Region.

Elm Bank opened in September 1949.  It had 25 beds for elderly females transferred from the Wellhouse Hospital (the cost of accommodating each patient in such a home was about half it would be in a general hospital).

The house had a fine garden setting and its grounds fronted onto Wellhouse Lane, if the parent Hospital needed to be extended in the future.

The Home closed temporarily in August 1958 for structural alterations and reopened in March 1959 with 27 beds.

In 1966 a temporary building opened in the grounds for use by Cherry Lodge, a local charity which provided professional support and complementary therapies for cancer sufferers.  It moved to Union Street in 2004.

Elmbank House closed in 2004 and the remaining residents were transferred to Barnet Hospital.

Present status (October 2008)

The building was used by the Finance Department of Barnet Hospital until 2008, when it moved back to the main Hospital campus.  It is planned to redevelop the site for key worker housing in 2009.

Elmbank site  Elmbank site
The site of the old lodge (left). The entry off Wellhouse Lane to the Ecovert building site.

Elmbank site  Elmbank site
Derelict buildings on the northern side of the site along Barnet Road with replacement blocks in the background.

Elmbank signage  Elmbank site
Signage and a derelict track into the grounds.

Elmbank site  Elmbank site
Looking across the fields into the grounds.  

  Elmbank site  Elmbank site  
Looking down Elmbank Avenue.
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