Golders Green
Military Convalescent Home
24 Woodstock Road, Golders Green, NW11 8ER
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1915 - 1919

Convalescent (military)
The Golders Green Military Convalescent Home for servicemen opened on 23rd March 1915 in a house lent by Mr James Gibb, Jnr.  It was affiliated to the First London General Hospital.  

By June 1917 a second house had been rented and the Home then had 24 beds in eight wards.  It was staffed by a Matron, a Sister and 10 members of the Middlesex/36 Voluntary Aid Detachment, whose Commandant was Mrs Gertrude Hargraves, the wife of the local G.P.

The Home presumably closed in 1919.

No further details about this Hospital (as yet) have come to light.  If you can provide further information, please contact:


Present status (November 2011)

It is unclear whether the property at No. 24 Woodstock Road is the original one built at the beginning of the 20th century.
24 Woodstock Road
No. 24 is on the left and No. 22 on the right.  Perhaps both houses made up the Convalscent Home.

45 Woodstock Road
No. 45 'The Corner House', home of Dr. F.G. Hargraves and his wife, commandant of the VAD.
Readers' comments

Golders Green Convalescent Home

The Convalescent Home in 1915.  The men may be male orderlies as they are wearing military uniforms rather than the saxe-blue suits of wounded servicemen.

(Photograph courtesy of Linda Bourne, who acquired it from a relative who was a nurse at the First London General Hospital in Camberwell.)



My grandfather, John Willam Norton (1892-1941), served in WW1 as a machine gunner and sent a postcard home to his mother on 2th January 1918.  The postcard shows him (on the left) standing in front of a building with another man
(above).  Very helpfully he has written the location and date on the back of the photo (below).



Grandfather was a keen photographer and among his photos is one taken inside what looks like a hospital.

Unfortunately grandfather was killed during WW2 juest before I was born, so I never had the chance to ask him any questions.  My mother said he wasn't injured (during WW1) but I doubt she would have known anything about it as she was very young a the time and it probably wasn't talked about when she grew up.

Rita Boswell, East Sussex.

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