Tottenhall Road, Southgate, N13
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1902 - 1988

Isolation.  Later, geriatric
The Southgate Isolation Hospital, built by Southgate Council,  opened in 1902.

It joined the NHS in 1948 and was renamed Greentrees.

It became a maternity annex for the North Middlesex Hospital and then later a children's hospital for diseases of the throat, nose and ear.

Following that, it became a hospital for the chronically ill and, finally, a geriatric hospital.

By 1973 it had 73 beds.

It closed in 1988 and has been demolished.

Present status (March 2008)

The site was incorporated into two estates - St Paul's Rise at the north and Medesenge Way at the west.  The only trace of Greentrees is a small stone set into a low wall by Laing, the developers.
greentress site
The entry into St Paul's Rise

greentrees site
The entry into Medesenge Way

Laing stone
Laing's dedication stone
greentrees site
Looking along St Paul's Rise

greentrees site
Looking along Medesenge Way (above and below)

greentrees site
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