Halliwick House
Friern Hospital, Friern Barnet Road, N11 3BP
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1958 - 1993


Halliwick Hospital opened in 1958, built in the northwest corner of the grounds of Friern Hospital at some distance from the main blocks.  It had 145 beds and was intended to be the admission unit, following the recommendations of the Mental Treatment Act, 1930, that every mental hospital should have a unit for new patients completely separate from the main facilities where 'certified' patients were housed.

Within a few years its function had changed.  Unlike Friern Hospital, it had no district responsibilities and the patients could be selected by the medical staff.  According to Hunter & Macalpine, resources of money and staff began to be diverted away from the 2000 long stay patients in the main wards, i.e. those who had the greatest need of both, while Halliwick Hospital became a 'neurosis unit' for the less sick, socially superior and fringe patients.  The main method of treatment was group therapy; art therapy was introduced in the 1960s.

However, by 1972, it had ceased to be a separate hospital and had reverted to its original purpose.  By 1974 it was known as Halliwick House and had 130 beds for newly admitted patients and for those convalescing from the main Hospital.

It closed in 1993 when Friern Hospital closed.

Present status (February 2008)

The Hospital  has been demolished and the site is now occupied by new housing.

western entrance
The western entrance off Friern Barnet Road, leading to Shapwick Close. 

Shopwich Close  New housing in Shapwick Close replaces the entrance to the former Hospital.

bus stop
The 'Halliwick Park' bus stop in Shapwick Close, where the No. 43 terminates.
eastern entrance
The eastern entrance off Friern Barnet Road, leading to Martock Gardens.

Martock Gardens
New housing in Martock Gardens.

Halliwick Court
'Halliwick Court', a parade of shops and apartments, is located on the site of the original Halliwick Manor on the corner of Colney Hatch Lane and Woodhouse Road.
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