County of Middlesex
Red Cross Hospital
Hanworth Park House, Forest Road, Feltham,
Middlesex TW13 7EY

Medical dates:

Medical character:
1915 - 1919

Convalescent (military)
The County of Middlesex Red Cross Hospital opened in January 1915.  It had been established in Hanworth Park House by the Duchess of Northumberland, Lady Hillingdon and Mrs Marie de Rothschild.

The Hospital had 100 beds and was affiliated with Fulham Military Hospital.  It was staffed by members of the Middlesex/62 and /64 Voluntary Aid Detachments (the latter were also involved with the Syon House Auxiliary Hospital).

In November 1915 Queen Alexandra visited.

By 1917 the Hospital had 102 beds.

It closed in January 1919.

Present status (September 2010)

After the war the parkland was converted into an airfield - the London Air Park.  The mansion became a club house for the flyers until 1936, when it was converted into a hotel. It closed in 1953 (the same year the property was Grade II listed).

In the mid 1950s the Hanworth Park Hotel was purchased by the Middlesex County Council for use as an old people's home.   Management of the home was taken over in 1965 by the London Borough of Hounslow.

The home closed in 1992 and remained vacant.

 In 2003 planning permission was granted for it to be refurbished as a hotel with 84 rooms, but the development never materialised.

Since then, the building has fallen into disrepair.  In 2007 another bid was made to convert the building into a hotel with 166 rooms, but this plan too came to nothing.

Update:  December 2013

In November 2012 another proposal was made to convert the derelict Grade II listed building  into a five-star hotel with 166 bedrooms.

Hanworth Park
The derelict house is fenced off.

Hanworth Park
The house, as glimpsed through the trees.

Hanworth Park

Hanworth Park (above and below) is open to the public.  The parkland consists of partly mowed and unmowed grassland and partly wooded areas.

Hanworth Park
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