Hillfield Red Cross Hospital
Raglan Road, Reigate, Surrey
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1914 -1918

The Hillfield Red Cross Hospital opened on 2nd November 1914 in a house lent by Mr Spencer Langston.  It was designated a Class B hospital.  Its first patients arrived from the Royal Herbert Hospital on 10th November 1914.

The Hospital had 50 beds and an operating theatre, and was staffed by a trained nurse, who acted  as Matron, and 40 members of the Surrey/50 and /58 Voluntary Aid Detachments.  Miss Kitto's Relief Hospital served as an annexe.  Entertainments for the patients were laid on by the local residents.

During 1916 some 389 convalescent servicemen were admitted for general treatment and physiotherapy.  On 1st July 1916 the Hospital became affiliated with the Horton (County of London) War Hospital in Epsom.  As well as cases from overseas, the Hospital was heavily used by local troops suffering from severe illness.

The Hospital closed on 31st December 1918.

Present status (May 2011)

The house has been demolished and the site is now occupied by a housing estate.  Some of the old wall around the estate remains.

Hillfield  Hillfield
The site of Hillfield from the west (left) and from the east (right).

  Hillfield   Hillfield  
Entrances to the new housing estate along Raglan Road.
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