1 Lime Close, Southborough Road, Bickley, BR1 2WP
Medical dates:

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1950 - current

Rehabilitation.  Later, care home.
In 1950 the Bermondsey Medical Mission applied to the King Edwards's Hospital Fund for London for help in purchasing Homefield, a former hotel near Bickley station.  The Mission wished to convert the building into a 'halfway house' for the aged sick living within the catchment area of the Bermondsey and Southwark Group Hospital Management Committee.

The building was particularly suitable for the purpose as it had many ground floor rooms.  The patients were those who no longer needed hospital treatment but were still in need of medical and nursing care.  They were under the care of the Mission doctor, who was on the staff of the Group, and in close touch with other units within the Group caring for the aged sick.

After a period of rehabilitation, patients were enabled to return to their homes.

In 1955 a sanitary annexe was added to the ground floor of the building.

In the late 1970s the building was demolished and a purpose-built nursing home erected in its place.

Present status (November 2012)

The home now has 42 beds and is run by Mission Care, a Christian charity formerly known as the Bermondsey Medical Mission.  It provides care for elderly patients with mental health needs.


Homefield (above and below).

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