Hornsey Central Hospital
Park Road, Crouch End, N8 8JL
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1910 - 2001

Acute.  Later, geriatric
The Hornsey Cottage Hospital was built by Hornsey Borough Council on land donated by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.

The foundation stone was laid in 1907 but the Hospital did not open until 1910.

The building was extended in 1924 as part of a War Memorial for those killed during WW1.  In 1927 it changed its name to Hornsey Central Hospital because of nursing staff recruitment problems - nurses were unwilling to work in a 'cottage' hospital.

The Hospital was further extended again in 1938 and 1956.

In 1974 it became a general hospital and  specialised in acute cases until 1981, when it became a geriatric hospital, providing rehabilitation and long term care for the elderly.  Acute and other services transferred to the Whittington Hospital.

In 1998 the Enfield and Haringey Health Authority decided that the hospital could no longer provide effective modern health care - the open wards not being appropriate for long-term care - and, despite continuous vigorous local opposition,  it closed in 2001.

The buildings became derelict and were squatted until 2007, when demolition began.

Present status (May 2008)

The buildings were not considered to be of historical interest and were demolished in 2007.  The plan was to build a £12.6m state-of-the-art primary care health centre with a pharmacy and a facility for community mental health care services.  It is due to open in June 2009.
building site
The 3-storey development is well advanced, as seen from Park Road

building site again

nurses home
The old Nurses Home, which is not part of the new development

more building site
 The construction site viewed from Barrington Road

The top of the War Memorial can just be seen behind protective hoardings

nurses home
The raised ground floor of the building is boarded up but there is evidence of residents on the first floor
The Grade II listed War Memorial remains in the hospital grounds and has been incorporated into the plan for the new health centre.
UPDATE (April 2009)

new building  main entrance
The new polyclinic is now due to open in July 2009.

war memorial
The War Memorial has been  preserved at the front of the new building.

entrance steps  memorial plaque
The stairway to the War Memorial bears a memorial plaque to Lt. James Morton Anderson, killed in action at Arras in 1917.
foundation stone

The foundation stone for the 1924 War Memorial Extension is mounted on the disabled access ramp to the right of the War Memorial.
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