Iver, Denham and Langley
Cottage Hospital
 Widecroft Road, Iver, Bucks SL0 9QD
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1863 - 1988

Acute, general.  Later, G.P.
The Iver, Denham and Langley Cottage Hospital opened in 1863.

In 1928 the Hospital had 8 beds (with an annual occupancy of 60%) and 2 cots (34.5% annual occupancy).  During the year 131 in-patients were admitted and 173 out-patients treated.  

The medical staff consisted of four Consulting Surgeons, of whom one was an ENT specialist, one an eye specialist and one a radiologist, and three Medical Officers.  The nursing staff were a Matron and two Assistant Nurses.  A masseuse was also employed.

For the patients, 'ladies who visit' attended once a week to "read, instruct, and amuse, according as they find occasion during the hours, or any part of the hours, of the afternoon, between dinner and tea time".  The rota changed monthly, with the names of the ladies published in the Hospital's Annual Report.

In 1928 the Hospital Committee spent £219 10s (£219.50) on out-buildings, the covered way, the back entrance and gate, and on alterations and fittings in the operating theatre and wards.

In 1929 two emergency beds were added, so that the Hospital had 12 beds, including the 2 cots.  In June a Staff Nurse was appointed, in addition to the two Assistant Nurses.

In 1930 a dental surgeon joined the medical staff.  A new brick mortuary was built in memory of Commander Stopford Douglas, funded by his friends and neighbours.  The internal decoration was provided by Mrs Stopford Douglas, in memory of her husband.

In 1930 the average bed occupancy was 55%.

In 1939, on the outbreak of WW2, the Hospital joined the Emergency Medical Service.

The Hospital joined the NHS in 1948 under the control of the Windsor Group Hospital Management Committee, part of the North West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board.  It had 21 beds and 2 cots.

By 1950 it had 24 beds.  In 1952 part of the Hospital was converted into a children's ward with 12 beds, at a cost of £1,158.  However, it proved difficult to recruit nursing staff and, during the years 1952 to 1957, only 21 children had been admitted.  Admission of in-patients ceased at the end of June 1957.

As use of the Hospital had declined, the Regional Health Board proposed it should be closed and the building adapted for use as the Group's Preliminary Training School for nurses.  In 1959 it was suggested that the Hospital become instead a maternity unit, but the difficulties in recruiting staff remained unresolved.

By the 1960s the Hospital had reverted to being a general hospital.

In 1974, following a major reorganisation of the NHS, the Hospital came under the administration of the East Berkshire District Health Authority, part of the Oxford Regional Health Authority.  It had 23 beds.

In 1984 the Hospital had 27 beds for medical cases under the care of their local General Practitioners.

It closed in 1988.

Present status (February 2009)

The Hospital buildings were demolished and new housing now occupies their site.
Iver Cottage Hospital Iver Cottage Hospital   At the foot of Widecroft Road (left) and looking along the road (right).

Iver Cottage Hospital Iver Cottage Hospital
New housing has been built on the site of the former Hospital.
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