Lady Mountgarret's Hospital
for Officers
18 Cadogan Gardens, Sloane Square, SW3 2RP
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1914 - 1917

Convalescent (military)
Lady Mountgarret's Hospital for Officers opened in November 1914, one of the first such hospitals for officers to open.  It was affiliated to Queen Alexandra's Military Hospital in Millbank.  

The King and Queen visited the Hospital on 14th November, 1914.

The house had been lent by Robinia, Viscountess Mountgarret, who also provided £10 a week towards the running expenses and two servants to do the housework (but not the cooking).

The Hospital had 8 beds, which were later increased to 12.  The two ground floor sitting rooms had been made into wards and there were seven bedrooms for the nursing and domestic staff.  The Hospital was run by the London/88, a St John Voluntary Aid Detachment, while fully trained nurses took charge of the nursing.

By 1917 the Hospital had 14 beds.

It closed in 1917.

Present status (April 2010)

The building is now the offices of the property company Cadogan Estates, and the registered office of Cadogan Hall.
18 Cadogan Gardens

No. 18 Cadogan Gardens (above and below).

18 Cadogan Gardens

18 Cadogan Gardens
The main entrance.
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