Lady Ridley's Hospital
for Officers
10 Carlton House Terrace, St James, SW1Y 5AH
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1914 - 1919

Convalescent (military)
At the beginning of WW1 Lady Ridley opened a Hospital for Officers in her London residence.   The ballroom, with its painted ceiling, was converted into a ward.  It had 25 beds, which were all occupied by December 1914.

The Hospital was affiliated to Queen Alexandra's Military Hospital in Millbank.  Members of the London/52 Voluntary Aid Detachment provided nursing care.

By 1917 the Hospital had 60 beds, including a ward hut built in the grounds.

It closed in January 1919.

Present status (June 2010)

The building, and most of its neighbour, No. 11, is now occupied by the British Academy.
 10 Carlton House Terrace

No. 10, Carlton House Terrace (above and below).

10 Carlton House Terrace
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