Lambeth Home
11 St Nicholas Road, Tooting, SW17 7AG
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1893 - 1931

In 1893 the Lambeth Home (also known as the Mothers' and Baby Hostel) was established at No. 127 Kennington Road as a maternity home for unmarried mothers.

By 1895 the Home was under the management of the newly founded Lambeth Branch (Outdoor Rescue Work).

In December 1914 the Home moved to No. 11 St Nicholas Road in Tooting.  It had 8 beds.  Only women aged from 14 to 25 years were admitted.

The mothers remained at the Home for at least three months, or for one year if possible, at a monthly charge to Wandsworth Borough Council of 2 guineas (£2.10).  At the end of the given period, the baby was boarded out or sent to another home.  After that, the mothers paid 13 shillings (65p) a week from their earnings.

In 1918 the Home appplied to the Local Government Board for a grant to help with its expenditure, estimated to be £420 for the year ending 31st March 1919.  Health Visitors reported that the Home was well kept and suitable in every way.

The Home closed in Deember 1931.

Present status (May 2012)

The first site of the Home at No. 127 Kennington Road is now the offices for the Walcot Foundation.

St Nicholas Road, the second site, has been renamed Trinity Crescent.  No. 11 Trinity Crescent has become a private residential block.

Lambeth Home
No. 127 Kennington Road was Grade II listed in 1981.

Lambeth Home
The entrance to No. 127 Kennington Road.

Lambeth Home

The second and final site of the Home was at No. 11 St Nicholas Road - the house on the right (above and below) - now renamed Trinity Crescent.

Lambeth Home
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