London Jewish Hospital
Stepney Green, Tower Hamlets, E1 3LB
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1919 - 1979

The Hospital was established to serve the needs of the substantial local Jewish population in the East End, who generally spoke Yiddish and who had strict dietary requirements.  

Building was delayed by WW1, but the Out-Patients Department was finally completed in 1919.  In 1921 the wards were opened.  Facilities included kitchens for the preparation of kosher food.

The Hospital was extended in 1926 and 1927.  By 1928 it had 92 beds.

In 1938 a 5-storey Nurses' Home was added at the cost of £60,000.  It opened in April 1939 and could accommodate 90 members of staff.  Provision had been made so that two floors could be added at a later date to increase the number of bedrooms to 140.

During WW2 the Hospital became part of the Emergency Medical Scheme.

In 1948 the Hospital ceased to be a Voluntary Hospital and joined the NHS, by which time it had 130 beds.

A boiler house and a mortuary were built in 1953.  In 1956 a synagogue designed by Ernst Freud (1892-1970) opened.

A new Out-Patients Department and Casualty Department opened in 1962.  A pre-fabricated Nurses Home was built in 1966, which had an additional floor added in 1968.

In 1979, despite local Jewish opposition, the 1.23 acre site was sold for redevelopment as a private clinic.

Present status (December 2007)

The Hospital with its Synagogue were demolished.  The London Independent Hospital with a frontage on Beaumont Square now occupies the site.

London Independent Hospital
The London Independent Hospital at No. 1 Beaumont Square.

 London Independent Hospital   main entrance
The Beaumont Square frontage (left) with the main entrance at the centre (right).

LIH from Stepney Green side  Stepney Green
The north side of the building, as seen from Stepney Green (left).   Housing now occupies what once was the Stepney Green frontage of the London Jewish Hospital (right).
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