Morden Hall Auxiliary Hospital
 Morden Hall Road, Morden, Surrey SM4 5JD
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1914 - 1918

Convalescent (military)
In 1914 Mr Gilliat Edward Hatfeild offered Morden Hall to the London Hospital (which had become a section of the Bethnal Green Military Hospital) for use as a convalescent home for sick and wounded servicemen.  The property had been empty since Mr Hatfeild, a batchelor, had decided it was too large for his needs and had moved into Morden Cottage, a smaller property on his estate.

The Morden Hall Auxiliary Hospital had 99 beds.  It was managed by the London Hospital but Mr Hatfeild funded the Hospital himself and provided meat and fresh provisions from the estate gardens for the staff and patients.

The Hospital closed in 1918.

Present status (May 2012)

After the war Mr Hatfeild approached the Governors of the London Hospital to see if they had a use for the Hall.  It then became an annexe to the Catherine Gladstone Convalescent Home, which was managed by the Marie Celeste Samaritan Society on behalf of the London Hospital.  The Billiard Room and Dining Room of the Hall became wards for adult females while the Breakfast Room was made into the children's ward.  The conservatory became the dispensary.  The patients were women and children with tuberculosis or other long-term illnesses.

Following the death of Mr Hatfeild in 1941, the National Trust inherited the 125 acre estate and its buildings.  Mr Hatfeild's will had stipulated that 'a fee shall not be charged so that my Morden estate shall be open to the public'.  The grounds were made into a public park,  Morden Hall Park.

The Hall was leased by Morden Council for use as offices until 1985, when it became a teacher training centre.

In 1991 the Hall was leased by Whitbread plc and became part of their Beefeater restaurant chain.

The building is currently the Morden Hall Bar Restaurant.

Morden Hall
The entrance gateway to the property.

Morden Hall

Morden Hall (above and below).

Morden Hall

Morden Hall
The well-kept gardens of the Hall.

Morden Hall
One of the three Lodges of the estate, now a private residence.
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