New Mossford Centre
 Civic Way, Barkingside, Essex IG6 1QG
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1975 - 1992

Long-term care
The New Mossford Centre opened in July 1975 to provide residential care, medical treatment, physiotherapy and schooling for 60 severely disabled children up to the age of 16 years.

Located on the southern side of the Girls' Village Home, it was named after Mossford Lodge, where Dr Barnardo and his wife had begun their married life together.

The Centre was later officially opened by Princess Margaret, President of Dr Barnardo's, on 14th October 1975.

The initial residents were children transferred from the Hanbury Hospital Home in Woodford Bridge.  Later, they were joined by those in the Australasian Medical Unit.

The aim of the Centre was to encourage the child to develop mentally, physically and emotionally through integrated care, therapy and education.  Self-dependence was encouraged, with the intention that the child could return home and attend an ordinary school if this was at all feasible.

In 1984 Princess Margaret stepped down as President of the charity.  She was replaced by the Princess of Wales, who visited the Centre in February 1985.

As legislation, reinforced by the Children Act, 1989, had made homeless children the responsibility of local authorities, Barnardo's decided to cease management of children's homes.

The Centre closed in 1992.

Present status (January 2015)

The building remained empty for many years after the Centre closed.  It has now been demolished and its site is part of the redevelopment of the Girls' Village Home - to be called Barnardo's Garden Village.

Barnardo's Garden Village
New housing now occupies the site of the Centre, which had been built just north of the Australasian Hospital on a new road - Civic Way.

Barnardo's Garden Village
The clock tower of Cairns House, one of the original buildings of the Village Home, is just visible through the archway.

Barnardo's Garden Village

The site of the Girls' Village Home is being redeveloped.  Eventually 144 new family houses and 1- and 2-bedroom apartments will be provided (above and below).

Barnardo's Garden Village

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