Obstetric Hospital
43-49 Huntley Street,  WC1E 6DH
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1926 - 2008

The Obstetric Hospital, financed by the Rockefeller Foundation in the United States, was founded in 1923 as the maternity department of University College Hospital (UCH).  The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII) officially opened the Hospital in 1926.

Many innovative techniques have been developed at the Hospital, including the use of ergotamine for the prevention of maternal haemorrhage associated with childbirth. Treatment of rhesus disease (when a mother with rhesus-negative blood  produces antibodies, which attack her unborn baby's blood cells if they are rhesus-positive) was pioneered here by the Fetal Medicine Department.  One of the world's first Intensive Care Units for newborn babies was established by the Neonatal Unit, which had been founded in the 1960s.

In 2000, during one of the many NHS reorganisations, the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital in Euston Road merged with the Hospital and moved to its premises in Huntley Street.  The Hospital was renamed the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Obstetric Hospital.

In 2007 the gynaecology services moved to the 13th floor of the new UCH tower.  In November 2008 obstetric services moved to the smaller tower - named the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing - when building works were completed.  A proposed polyclinic had also been expected to be located in this Wing but the project  was cancelled.

Present status (November 2008)

UCH plans to demolish the former Obstetric Hospital and to build a US-style cancer centre in its place, at the cost of £110m, which is due to open in 2012.
Huntley Street
The Hospital building in Huntley Street.

main entrance

The main entrance.

foundation stone  
foundation stone
The foundation stone laid by King George V commemorating the financial generosity of the Rockefeller Foundation (left).  The stone plaque commemorating the opening of the Hospital by the then Prince of Wales (right).

main entrance
The commemorative stones are either side of the main entrance.

The Hospital from the corner of Capper Street.

UCH nurses home
The former UCH Nurses' Home on the opposite side of the road at 74 Huntley Street is now part of University College London Medical School (personal communication:  Marc Oesterdahl, London).

Update:  October 2011

UCH Macmillan Centre  UCH Macmillan Centre
The UCH Macmillan Centre for the treatment of cancer is due to be opened in 2012.

Update:  April 2012


The UCH Macmillan Centre opened on 2nd April 2012.

m Macmillan Cancer Centre
The building fom the south on Capper Street (left) and from the north on University Street (right).

Decorative windows on the Capper Street side.

The western elevation in Mortimer Market.

The northern elevation in University Street.
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