Petrograd Red Cross Hospital
for Officers
Hotel Petrograd, 17 North Audley Street, W1Y 1WE
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1918 - 1919

Military (Canadian)

The Petrograd Red Cross Hospital opened on 25th November 1918 in response to the need for more hospital accommodation for Canadian officers, the Daughters of the Empire Hospital having proved to be too small.

The Hospital was situated in the Hotel Petrograd (previously the St Petersburg Hotel), which had been procured three months earlier by the Office of Works.  The Hotel had been adapted and equipped by the Canadian Red Cross Society as a hospital with 170 beds.  Conveniently located near Oxford Street, the Hospital was a success from the beginning and was considered to be one of the most complete and best equipped military hospital in London.  The Society also equipped a house nearby as accommodation for the Hospital's Nursing Sisters.

The Daughters of the Empire Hospital closed at the end of August 1919, and its remaining patients were transferred to the Petrograd Hospital until that too closed on 16th October 1919.

Present status (March 2010)

The building is now 20 North Audley Street and contains offices and shops.

16-20 North Audley St
The hotel building on the corner of North Audley Street and North Row.

16-20 North Audley St  16-20 North Audley St  
The elevations on North Row (left) and North Audley Street (right).  

20 North Audley St  
The current entrance to No. 20 North Audley Street.
(Author unstated) 1918 Care of the wounded.  British Journal of Nursing, 24th August, 124.


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