Potters Bar Community Hospital
Barnet Road, Potters Bar, Herts EN6 2RY
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1995 - current

Rehabilitation and continuing care for the elderly

The Potters Bar Community Hospital opened in 1995, replacing the Potters Bar and District Hospital in Mutton Lane.  It had 45 beds and was under the management of the Barnet Healthcare NHS Trust.

In October 2000 management of the Hospital was taken over by the newly established Hertsmere Primary Care Trust.

In August 2002 the Minor Injuries Unit was renamed the Alan Bevan Unit, in memory of Dr Bevan who had died the previous year.  A General Practitioner and co-Chairman of the Executive Committee of Hertsmere Primary Care Trust , he had been instrumental in the rebuilding of the Hospital.

In 2005 funding of £1.2m from the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Strategic Health Authority enabled the Hospital to be redeveloped.  A new Diagnostic and Treatment Centre opened, the first of its kind in Hertfordshire.  The Hospital was then able to provide new services - minor surgery, dermatological clinics, endoscopic examinations and blood and urine tests for diabetic patients.  In October a new operating theatre opened for cataract surgery, undertaken by staff seconded from Moorfields Eye Hospital.

By the end of 2005, however, the Primary Care Trust (PCT) was in financial difficulties.  There was a £4.9m overspend, and nine beds were temporarily closed at the Hospital to save money.  A recruitment freeze on non-clinical posts, such as in management and administration, was put in place and staff cuts were also threatened.  The PCT moved its head office to cheaper premises.

By July 2006, when its deficit was £12.4m, the PCT had decided to close 15 of the 45 beds at the Hospital, and also to close the Elms Clinic in the High Street, transferring the services there to the Hospital.  The empty ward space would be used as offices for community and district nursing staff.  After a 30-day 'consultation period' and despite great opposition from the local populace, the ward was closed.

However, Hertsmere PCT did not survive and the Hospital was taken over by the newly formed West Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust in October 2006.

  Present status (October 2008)

The Hospital is still operational.

Update:  January 2011

In 2009 the West Hertfordshire PCT and the East & North Hertfordshire PCT decided to merge to form a single primary care trust. They amalgamated in April 2010 to become the
Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust (now known as NHS Hertfordshire), while the Hospital became part of the Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust.
Potters Bar Community Hospital

The rather fine-looking Potters Bar Community Hospital
(above and below).

Potters Bar Community Hospital
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