Royal Flying Corps Hospital
(later Royal Air Force Auxiliary Hospital)
82 Eaton Square, SW1W 9AP
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1917 - 1919

Convalescent (military)
The third Royal Flying Corps Hospital opened at No. 82 Eaton Square in 1917.  It had 30 beds and, like its sister hospital in Bryanston Square, was affiliated to Queen Alexandra's Military Hospital in Millbank.  The types of injuries sustained by airmen could be serious and complex.  Apart from gunshot wounds during aerial combat or from ground fire, they could suffer multiple fractures or burns on crash landing.

In November 1917 the King and Queen, who encouraged the aviation side of the war, visited the Hospital.

The Royal Flying Corps Hospitals were supported by public subscription from around the Empire, with members of the Overseas Club donating generously (more than £13,000 during 1917).

As the war progressed Captain Tremayne offered his house at Helinger, Cornwall, as a convalescent home.  The Clubhouse at the Shirley Park Golf Course in Croydon also became an auxiliary convalescent hospital.  By the end of the war the Grosvenor Hotel at Swanage was also in use as a convalescent hospital.

A main military hospital for the Royal Flying Corps had also been established in 1917 at the recently vacated Military Hospital in Hampstead.  However, by the end of the war, Dr Charles Atkin Swan, the founder of the original auxiliary Royal Flying Corps Hospital in Netley House, found himself the administrator of a further seven branches.

Royal Flying Corps Hospitals

Netley House
37 Dorset Square
Convalescent Home, Freshwater, Isle of Wight
37 Bryanston Square
82 Eaton Square
Convalescent Home, Helinger, Cornwall
Shirley House, Shirley Park, Croydon
Grosvenor Hotel, Swanage

On 1st April 1918 the Royal Flying Corps
and the Royal Navy Air Service amalgamated to form a new service - the Royal Air Force.

Present status (February 2012)

The building became the Irish Club in 1947 with its main entrance in Lyall Street.  The Club moved to new premises in 2003.

The Grade II* listed building has now been converted back into a single residence, with a separate 1-bedroomed garden apartment.
Eaton Square
The building on the corner of Eaton Square and Lyall Street.

Eaton Square  
Eaton Square
The frontage on Eaton Square (left) and on Lyall Street (right).
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