The Hon. Mrs Robert Lindsay's Hospital for Officers
 7 Charles Street, Mayfair, W1J 5DQ
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1914 - 1918

At the beginning of WW1 the Hon. Mrs Robert Lindsay (1875-1960) converted her home in Mayfair into a Hospital for Officers as a memorial to her husband, Major Hon. Robert Hamilton Lindsay, third son of the Earl of Crawford and a Major in the Royal Scots Greys, who had died of pneumonia in December 1911.

The Hospital had 15 beds, with the sitting room used as a ward.  By December 1914 it had 22 beds, all occupied.

The King and Queen visited the patients in May 1915.

The Hospital presumably closed in 1918.

This building is recorded as having been used as an auxiliary military hospital during WW1.  No further details have (as yet) come to light.

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Mary Janet Lindsay was the third daughter of Sir William Clarke, an Australian tycoon and philanthropist, and Australia's first baronet.  She was active in Society circles until 1926, when she moved to Western Australia, where she remained a landowner until her death at the age of 85 years.

Present status (October 2014)

The property has been converted into six apartments.

  7 Charles Street, Mayfair
The Grade II listed Edwardian mansion.
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