St Elizabeth's Home
for Incurables
57-59-61 Mortimer Street, W1W 8HS
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1856 - 1914

Long-term care
In 1851 the All Saints Home for widows and orphans was established at No. 59 Mortimer Street by Harriet Brownlow Byron.  She was also the founder of the Anglican order of the Society of All Saints Sisters of the Poor, whose primary religious vocation was 'to provide a Religious Asylum for aged and infirm persons in destitute circumstances'.

In 1856 the inmates - three incurable invalids and two orphans - were transferred to the All Saints Home in Margaret Street.  The Mortimer Street premises then became St Elizabeth's Home for incurable women (at this time the London voluntary hospitals refused to admit incurable patients).

The patients admitted were mainly those who had 'seen better days' and were unable to support themselves without assistance.  Each was required to guarantee a small annual payment, either personally or through her friends.

The Home soon expanded into the adjoining house at No. 57 Mortimer Street.

In 1866 the two houses were rebuilt.  Later, No. 61 was acquired for a further extension.

In 1887 a new lift was installed.

In 1895 the properties were once again rebuilt.

In 1899 the annual charge per patient was from £16 to £20.

The Home closed in 1914.  Its patients were transferred to the All Saints Convent in Shenley Lane, London Colney.

Present status (October 2011)

The building on the corner of Mortimer and Great Titchfield Streets is now Gilmoora House, serviced office space.

59 Mortimer Street  59 Mortimer Street
Nos. 57-61 Mortimer Street.
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