St George's House
6 North Hill, Highgate, N6 4BT
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1932 - 1958

Nursing home
Shortly after the end of WW1 in 1918 the Church of England purchased Morven, an early 19th century Georgian mansion in Highgate, for use as a religious retreat house.

Alterations were carried out in 1920 and St George's Retreat House opened in the following year.  By 1923 study weeks were being held from Mondays to Saturdays for open-air workers.

In December 1931 the building became the convent of the Community of the Presentation, an Anglican nursing order of nuns.  Originally named the Nursing Community of Christ the Consoler, the order had been founded in 1927 from members of the Community of the Epiphany in Truro, with the aim of reviving the vocational aspect of nursing.  The Community, at its largest, numbered 11 nuns, all qualified State Registered Nurses.

In the previous month, the Mother Superior had applied to the LCC for permission to use Morven as a nursing home with 6 beds or, failing that, as a convalescent home.  The plan was approved and, in 1932, three of the rooms were altered to create 1- or 2-bedded wards.

In 1936 the two large front rooms, used as adult wards, were converted into wards for 10 infants under the age of 18 months, referred to the home by the Invalid Children's Aid Society.

In 1935 the Community took over the nursing care at St Saviour's Hospital in Osnaburgh Street.

In 1946 approval was given by the LCC for the nursing home to care for up to 8 medical or chronic patients at any one time.

In July 1947 the name of the Order was changed to the Community of the Presentation of St Mary.

During 1947 alterations were made to the building.  A rest room and new bathroom were added, as was a garage.

By April 1956, however, due to a lack of staff the home was unable to accept any patients.

In 1958 the property was put up for sale, despite the fact that it contained two patients, and the nursing home closed.

Present status (March 2016)

The Grade II listed building was bought by Hornsey Borough Council in 1958 and converted into a hostel with 17 bed-sitting rooms for Council tenants.  A new wall with railings was built at the same time.

In July 2008 it was put on the market by Haringey Council.  It has now been converted by Paul Simon Homes into three separate houses, and renamed St George's Terrace.

St George's House
No. 6 North Hill is now known as St George's Terrace.  It was Grade II listed on 19th March 1951.
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