St Peter's Residence
2a Meadow Road, Vauxhall, SW8 1QH
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1863 - current

On 13th October 1863 the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Roman Catholic order, moved from The Paragon, a crescent on the New Kent Road, to a new convent and home for the elderly - St Peter's Residence - in Meadow Road.

By 1876 the Residence contained 70 males and 85 females.

By 1961 it contained 200 patients - 108 women and 92 men, all aged over 60 years. The weekly charge for male patients was £2 1s 6d (£2.07) but £2 5s 6d (£2.27) for women, the charge being deducted from the Old Age Pensions.  Wealthier patients paid £5.00.

The Residence was well-maintained.  The wards were large, with high ceilings, and all beds were equipped with runner curtains.  There were two wards of 15 beds each for the bedridden.  Patients were only transferred to hospital if they were in need of surgery.  The staff consisted of 22 Sisters, including 2 who were qualified as SRNs and 4  as Assistant Nurses; 4 were too old to work.  The only salaries staff were a driver and a handyman.

In the early 1960s each patient cost 12s 2d (61p) a week to feed - the low cost reflecting the many gifts of food, fruit and vegetables to the home.

In 1961 the balcony - some 100 ft long and 8 ft wide (30.5m x 2.4m) - was rebuilt with the help of a £750 grant from King Edward's Hospital Fund.

In 1984 the buildings were demolished and a new purpose-built home erected on the site.

In September 2010 Pope Benedict XVI visited the Residence and met with members of staff and residents.

Present status (May 2017)

The home continues to provide accommodation and care for those over 65 years, including those with dementia.  It has 56 en-suite rooms.  The Little Sisters of the Poor are supported by nurses, care assistants, housekeepers and maintenance and administration personnel.

St Peter's Residence
St Peter's Residence has been rebuilt.  Only the former wall survives.
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