Auxiliary Hospital for Officers
11 Sussex Square, Bayswater, W2 2SL
Medical dates:

Medical character:

Convalescent (military)

In April 1916 No. 11 Sussex Square was lent by Mrs Waley Cohen for use as an auxiliary hospital.  It was fully equipped and had 8 beds for officers who had been discharged from hospital but were receiving treatment in London.

Although it was financed by the Joint War Committee,  Mrs Waley Cohen contributed £20 a month towards the running expenses of the Hospital.  She also lent her houseboat, moored on the Thames, as accommodation for 8 officers, paying the entire cost of its maintenance for six months.

The Hospital closed in August 1916.

Present status (June 2010)

The whole north side of Sussex Square has now been replaced by three 9-storey apartment blocks covering the original numbers 10-72.  The right-hand block is numbered 10-30 and its entrance is approximately where No. 11 would have been.

Sussex Square  Sussex Square
The north side of Sussex Square (left).  The right-block covering the site of No. 11 Sussex Square.
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