University College Hospital
Dental School
Mortimer Market, off Capper Street, WC1 6JD
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1861 - 1991

The National Dental Hospital was opened by the College of Dentists (formed in 1857) in 1861, located at 187-191 Great Portland Street.  Two years later the Metropolitan School of Dental Science moved in next door to it.  They both closed for reorganisation and reopened as the National Dental Hospital and College in 1877.

In 1894 the Hospital and College moved to 59 Devonshire Street, W1.

In 1914 they amalgamated with University  College Hospital and became its dental department.  The Dental School had an annual intake of 25 students.  It was the first dental school to admit female students.

With the inauguration of the NHS, there was a tremendous increase in the demand for dental treatment.  The Ministry of Health agreed to the provision of a new building and eventually, in 1963, a modern dental hospital and school opened in purpose-built premises in Mortimer Market, Capper Street, off Tottenham Court Road.  It became  the University College Hospital Dental School.

It closed in 1991.

Present status (December 2007)

The building was used for a time as an AIDS clinic, but has recently been refurbished.  It is now the Oral and Maxillofacial Unit of University College Hospital.
UCH dental building
The UCH Dental School building now recycled as the Oral and Maxillofacial Unit.

UCH Dental main entrance
The main entrance.
I attended here for protracted and complex dental treatment when I was a  student during the 1960s.  The work was carried out by dental students under training.  It took a long time, but treatment was free and I walked away with some lovely gold inlays (also free).
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